Cohen Lab Mission

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Our lab addresses theoretical and practical issues in social psychology in general and in education in particular. Two questions motivate our work.  First, how do social-psychological processes contribute to important social problems and phenomena?  Second, can targeted theory-driven interventions be developed that help to remedy social problems and to advance psychological theory?  We follow the traditions pioneered by Kurt Lewin and Urie Bronfenbrenner, in which the development of theory and intervention go hand-in-hand.  Both these figures embraced the creed that, “If you want to understand something, try to change it.”  Accordingly, we test interventions in laboratory and field settings both with the the hope of improving social outcomes and with the conviction that intervention is among the most rigorous ways to advance theory.

This website provides information on our research, papers, and materials for people interested in learning more about our research and using the scales and tools featured in our work. Please see the Lab Member Profiles in the sidebar if you wish to reach a member of our lab for further details. If you have general questions about the lab or website, please email our lab’s website administrator, Joe Powers [jpowers1(at)].